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Error 08001 Microsoft Odbc Sql Server Driver

Could that mean that another application from the same system is using the same port for sqlservr. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. Trust in the new software is immediately lost among the userbase. This was weird as in my case this had been working fine for years and then just stopped working. See how to enable scripts.

Also able to telnet from client and that works fine. We tried, and it runs, but that's not a solution. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license!

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The application is hosted on a Windows server as is the database separate server. The steps you are recommended worked perfect in the server!

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Any advise truly appreciated! It does appear that the problem lies with this particular client, either with the roles setup, or perhaps something else. If they still have all of the correct settings I would guess there is a network hardware issue and crappy switching.

Is the connection on the server or on individual workstations? MargieT, I'll look into the instructions you have provided me and report back as soon as I can. Hope this helps when answering. Finally, tried to connect without adding the computer to the domain. Has it ever worked correctly?

Problems were encountering establishing a database connection. How many users access this app at one time? Makes me believe that the main switch the servers are connected to is bad, but then again we switched it out and that didn't resolve the issue.

Hopefully I'm not missing something Checked system resources and we have plenty of resources left, and the network is not overwhelmed with network traffic. Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle.

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How do I get this SQL Server ODBC Connection working - Server Fault

We have an Oracle database that is unreachable after the update. However only users that are using the database are having issues.

Sam see Hakan Winther answer. If these ports don't work run netstat -ab in a command prompt on the db server to get a list of what is using what. Is it possible that the server in question has not been configured to use named pipes?

How do I get this SQL Server ODBC Connection working - Server Fault

Thank you for your interest in this question. Hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for all the help guys, I really appreciate it.

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Replaced the Switch the servers are connected to, but did not fix the issue. We have multiple servers which have applications running on them that client systems connect to and retrieve data from. In my case following driver names worked for me. What are the make and models of your client switches?

Follow Microsoft Facebook Twitter. While trying to connect to a sql-server database with the pyodbc module using the below code, epson wf7510 driver I receive the subsequent Traceback. That wouldn't explain not being able to ping the server when the outages happen.

When I had the W server running, all ok in all workstations. In addition, check the port you are using blocked. As far as I can tell all the port connections are only the sqlservr. This is why I'm completely lost at what else it could be and why.

Error 08001 microsoft odbc sql server driver

Same problem here with me. Do your clients at the time of disconnect have issues with nslookup?