Am i racist for not dating black guys, is it racist that i am not attracted to black men - girlsaskguys

No everyones got there taste. Sounds like they are just trying to pressure you into doing something you are not comfortable doing. You may not like my response however.

You keep being judgmental, why do you think you can lecture others on who they should like ir not? Show them your not racist by staying friends with that guy, and talk to them. Whats the difference between taking a break and breaking up?

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Yes, and I've already reported it to the racial police. Let me guess your probably born and raised south right? That isn't really hard to understand! No one would call you racist If you were black, Asian or a Latina girl attracted to your own race.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of beautiful African American people, I love my black female friends! Have fun in the penitentiary, fucker. And also can you explain whats so nasty Black men? No it's not racist - I'm not attracted to black men either. It is just a matter of preference.

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Even I been told that I was racist towards my own kind because I'm not into black guys. Rick-Lewis nothing to get mad about chill nigguh. Go take your Oxys and Roxys and go to bed. No it is not racist, but in these fucked up times someone will make something out of it. Do you think that it's cultural appropriation?

Am i racist for not dating black guys

Do you feel romantically attracted to beautiful black men? Your not racist, because obviously you have a black friend. If I liked black guys to the exclusion of everyone else would you keep judging me?

Is it racist that I am not attracted to black men - GirlsAskGuys

Am i racist for not dating African American guys

I m Not Racist I m Just Not Attracted To Black Men

Should I care about what I think? It's just a matter of looks, I don't find them attractive for me. Because that is a ridiculous statement. And I think your referring to African American Males in general?

My response is ligitimate. And others just start to stereotype white girls and call me racist. It would be absurd to be called racist for not liking a specific race romantically. People try to call me racist, especially by black women who have done nothing but give me more reasons not to want to date them. Rick-Lewis Stop nitpicking, whats wrong with her opinion?

If You Won t Date People Of A Certain Race You re Racist
Am i racist for not dating black guys
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You are not saying that black people are lesser human beings as you have stated above so there is nothing racist about it If you find them unattractive. Rick-Lewis You are in my question, I can say whatever I want. Am i racist for not dating black guys? Is it racist that I am not attracted to black men?

  1. You're entitled to find attraction where you want and not have to justify it to anyone.
  2. Well, you posted here asking people to share their opinions on your opinions, which is pretty much an invitation to judge.
  3. But it seems not enough for judgmental nitpickers, my big curiosity is why is it a big deal for you people?
  4. As a girl, should I be driving an hour for a first date?
  5. And also skin color as well?
  6. You don't hate black people i don't think.

Unfortunately it looks like it may be a rocky comeback due to the blackety blacks being as over dramatic as they are. You answered your own question. Answer Questions Does this sound sketchy to you or am i over reacting girlfriend speaking to someone else? Because the same people who call me racist don't make an issue out of it when a girl likes only black men, now am I the bad girl for liking only white men? Everybody can have their racial preferences.

It's confusing, some people respect me and everything's fine. And lets face it everyones going to play the race card as an excuse. You have nothing against him right? You don't hate him cause he's black right? Besides you are friends with them.

People would be more accepting of your preferences if there was a bit of reasoning behind them. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? People will just make a big deal out of anything.

Related Questions Just cause I only date black guys im racist? As a matter of fact why should we give a shit. You just don't realize that i'm not the problem, dating is the problem is the judgmental attitude of others.

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Because basicly this is just an other turn-down that people want to make a big deal about cause he's black and you im guessing are not. It makes you feeling better? Preferances aren't racism. Rick-Lewis i never used the word discusting.

It's not racist unless you claim that you're superior to them. Just ignore whoever says it. Its okay you are not black no one care. You said you dont date black guys though becuase you dont like them like that was racist.

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Am i racist for not dating African American guys

Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. So no you aren't your just not into him. It hurts your fragile ego?

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No, it's fine, you have you're preferances and that's okay. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Rick-Lewis just the way their hair looks and how they smell act and dress.

That is a choice that I hope we are still allowed to make for ourselves. There's a difference between hating someone and not finding them attractive. Nothing wrong with preferring people from your iwn race. Who are you that makes this so important.

Is it racist that I am not attracted to black men

As I said before, some people make a big deal of it. It could make you prejudice. It's all in the way you worded it to your friend.

Dating Black guys with racist parents? Hey that conversation is between me and her, so don't go fuck yourself you White racist redneck piece of shit? He might have well been disabled or mentally challenged, thats still racist. Everyone is entitled to have their own preferences when dating, and nobody should have to force you to date someone you are not attracted to. Preferences are not reasonable, we like what we like, it's you people the ones making an issue out of it because you mix dating preferences with politics.

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